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Custer Street Festival of the Arts

Main Stage (Chicago and Main, Evanston, IL)

7:30 p.m.


Wilmette Park District

Gillson Park, Wilmette, IL

8:00 p.m.


Park Ridge Hinkley Fest

25 Busse Highway, Park Ridge

5:30-7:00 p.m.

Check back often--more dates pending!


about south boulevard band

South Boulevard Band is a dynamic group of Chicago music scene veterans.

The members, with almost 200 years of cumulative musical experience, have shared the stage with such notables as Muddy Waters, James Cotton, Sonny Terry, Brownee McGhee and Hubert Sumlin.

They have recorded at CBS Records Chicago, Capitol Records LA, Cherokee Sound LA, United Artists Studio LA and Electric Ladyland NY.

Rhythm section Steve Flugum (bass) and Del Hooks (drums) intuitively lock into the steady backbeat that cements the band’s “tight as rope” sound while occasionally cutting loose with some spirited solos.

Guitarists Willie Shields and Chris Discher lock in tough, tight rhythms and heartfelt solos. While having two distinct playing styles, their singing guitars make you feel every note.

South Boulevard’s Horn section, led by Miles Tesar (tenor sax), add amazing accents and clever contratempos. They bring with them years of formal education in their respective instruments as well as in composition. From Australia to St. Lucia, they’ve played Broadway musicals, chorale pieces, television scores, theatrical productions, gigs with Tony Bennett, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Charo (coochie coochie!) —oh, and of course, rock, jazz and blues.

Tying all this music together are the raspy, deep, soulful vocals of Mr. Dudley Fair. This lead singer’s raw emotion commands the audience and brings listeners to their feet. His explosive harp playing is reminiscent of such luminaries as Little Walter and James Cotton.

South Boulevard delivers a great show every time they take the stage!

Featured News

Somebody Scream!

Third time’s a charm, right?

We’ve been rained out--no, monsooned out-- of our headliner’s spot on the Custer Street Fair main stage for the past two years. But we have faith that the Weather Gods will shine upon us this year as we once again take the stage at Main Street and Chicago Avenue on Saturday, June 18th, for a rollicking show starting at 7:30pm.

We have SUCH a great show planned, with all those classics you love, our great original tunes and some amazing new ones. We just can’t wait to share our rockin’ R & B, old school soul and new Blues tunes with you at our very favorite summer neighborhood festival!

So please join us in sending a few extra bucks to Tom Skilling or chanting to the Rain Spirits to ensure some great weather! Bring your dancin’ shoes and see you by the beer truck at the main stage for another memorable evening with Dudley and your friends in Evanston’s Own South Boulevard Band!

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